The web 3.0’s network traffic portal

Decentralized search engine based on IPFS

Enter IPSE



Decentralized search engine based on IPFS

IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine) is a revolutionary search engine based on the IPFS system.IPSE helps us to quickly retrieve files on the IPFS network and find the data we need. At the same time, we can dig in and mine to get the token reward.

IPFS (InterplanetaryFileSystem) is a distributed hypermedia transport protocol that will replace HTTP and build the next generation Internet from network infrastructure. IPSE will create infrastructure,provide services and be the traffic portal for the next generation of the Internet,web 3.0.


IPSE total workforce and rewards change chart



traditional web search


Not secured

Secured by encryption

Centralized server

Dentralized and distributed network


Hacks denied

Invasion of privacy and Ad tracking

Protect privacy and no Ads

Data easily be removed and deleted

Hash content will be versioned and tamper-resistant

Network congestion and outages

Fast and stable peer-to-peer network



IPSE’s token is called POST.Anyone who uses IPSE has no limit to search any hash content on the IPFS network, and they can add matching and accurate labels to specific hash address,then get POST token reward.

Search content on IPFS and find its hash address

Add labels to IPFS hash content address

Get POST reward if labels are best matching and accurate

The search service layer of IPSE requires a large number of data sources. IPFS will have a large number of data sources as a next-generation distributed data storage system, but the data is an unsearchable hash address, only the file uploader will know and add best labels to hash address. Labels are uploaded can be searched by all users. IPSE motivates users to add the best matching and most accurate labels for their hash addresses.

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As IPFS exclusive search engine to quickly search massive files

IPSE uses blockchain tecknology to build a decentralized and distributed search platform that protect privacy. In the IPSE system, data requests and transmissions are encrypted all the way, and cannot be cracked or falsified unless you actively publicize the private key.

IPSE is a hypermedia search engine. Text, images and videos can be quickly accessed. There is no advertisement,no man-in-the-middle attacks.IPSE is fast and secured.You can search anything you want without any worries.

Labeling is mining, get POST+FILECOIN easily

Label the hash address to mine and get token reward. Users can earn both POST and Filecoin.

With smart contract and consensus algorithm, IPSE has created the unique system, evaluation mechanism, arbitration mechanism andmortgage mechanism, to achieve label normalization. Malicious intent and cheating attacks will be punished.

Robust ecosyestem, Blockchain + Encryptocurrency + Customer + Miner

IPSE has a high TPS (Transactions Per Second)of blockchain 3.0 technology standard, while supporting universal wallet and blockchain browser services. Mining is open to the global world. IPSE will officially support the automatic mining of designated mining products in order to ensure the professional stability of miners' nodes,. At the same time, the participating Super-Nodes will obtain the ecological benefits of IPSE.It is good for blockchain developers,customers,miners token holders and encryptocurrency exchanges.



Be the next-generation Internet network traffic portal

IPSE is based on IPFS, which is the next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol. IPSE uses an open attitude to build a community autonomy and shared ecology through the encryptocurrency token model to form a network traffic portal. Break the monopoly of traditional online services provider such as Google.

Create open ecosystem that everyone can participate

IPSE creates an open environment for all of us. Anyone anywhere aytime can use the IPSE token to submit an order in the smart contract when the promotion needed,and there is no barriers and cumbersome steps. Multi-party can participate and share the continued benefits of the new generation of Internet network traffic portal.

Contribute resources and complement IPFS

IPSE and IPFS are a symbiotic complementary relationship that motivates users to add hash labels and increase the efficiency of indexing services. Anyone can upload resources to enrich the IPFS network. In turn, when resources are abundant, it also promotes the need for more people to search. Search more, be more. Which is the essence of IPSE.

Video portal

IPSE is the bridge to IPFS and traditional video portals,and uses token to motivate users to upload high-quality video content. IPSE is based on peer-to-peer transmission and has no bandwidth and storage costs,this drastically decrease the cost and solve the high cost problems that are currently prevalent.

Decentralized advertising market

IPSE creates a decentralized and trusted advertising marketplace based on smart contracts,which can not be forged or faked. Advertising distribution information is fully traceable to protect the interests of advertisers. At the same time, customers are free to choose the promotion platform.


IPSE builds an Appstore where it is production-ready and developer-friendly for any enterprises or individuals,that will provide free resource bundles can be used by any vendor to make promotion more efficient with the help of Appstore .



Silver Xie

Founder and Chief Architect of IPSE

Big data and artificial intelligence entrepreneurs, Blockchain technology integrators, IT Geek. Provide constant innovative ideas and solutions for the application of IPSE.

Ender Xu

Early Investor and Chief Ecological Strategies Consultant of IPSE

Chaiman of Hong Kong Blockchain  Association(HKBA). Founder of Hyperlink Capital.

Khalfan AI Mazrouei

Early Investor and Chief Financial Planning Consultant of IPSE

Former royal secretary of the united,Arab emirates.

Bob Qin

Chief Technical Consultant of IPSE

Chaiman of North America Blockchain Foundation.Lead DB2 researcher of IBM Toronto research center.Big Big Data Senior expert.Founder of Nuclear Chain(NUChain) Chain(NUChain).

Larry Liu

Chief Data Scientist of IPSE

Early contributor to Hadoop ecosystem at Yahoo.Founder and CEO of Tarot Technology.Has more than 15 years of experience in technology to drive innovations in distributed system. big data and AI for large IT companies and 500 fortune companies.

Kim Keun Koung

Early Investor and Chief Liaison Strategist of IPSE

Chairman of WTIA GROUP. Senior Consultant of AI Hermas Global, Chairman of AI Hermas Korean.

John Mavrak

Chief Blockchain Economic Model Architect of IPSE

Former President of the World Trade Center, President of the Global Hotel Alliance.

Eric wester

Chief Marketing Officer of IPSE

Rich market development experience. Has operated hundreds of millions of RMB trading market.

Andy Huang

Chief Blockchain Technical Engineer of IPSE

Former Huawei technical engineer,Has many years of technical experience,He is one of the veterans of the Internet and Blockchain industry.A Leader in the technical elite group.

Tom Tang

Chief Back-End Technical Engineer of IPSE

Former Huawei technical engineer. Has many years of Back-end development experience.Once led the team to develop the underlying public chain.He is the key in the technical elite group.

James Cai

Chief Front-End Technical Engineer of IPSE

An outstanding Front-end Developer with rich UI /UI development experience.He is also good at mobile development.He is talented and has the ability to lead the team on site.

Lui Dent

Operations Manager of IPSE

Has unique insights in brand design,brand promotion and content operations.Great experience with independent projects.