Welcome to IPSE

What Is IPSE ?

Distributed Search Engine Based on IPFS

IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine) is a distributed search engine based on IPFS. IPSE helps users to quickly search files on the IPFS network and find the data they need. At the same time, anyone can add hash tags for files on the network to get token reward.

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a revolutionary hypermedia distribution protocol that will replace HTTP and build the next generation of Internet,Web3.0,from underlying infrastructure. IPSE aims to provide safe and fast search services and be the traffic portal for Web3.0.

IPSE total workforce and rewards change chart (30 days)

Description: POST will be vesting every two years. The number of the POST released in first two years is 2,397,260. And the actual POST release number depends on comuting power which is varied by the node's machine/device performance, bandwidth and geographic location, etc.

The Difference

Traditional Web Search
Not secured
Secured by encryption
Centralized server
Dentralized and distributed network
Hacks denied
Invasion of privacy and Ad tracking
Protect privacy and no Ads
Data easily be removed and deleted
Hash content will be versioned and tamper-resistant
Network congestion and outages
Fast and stable peer-to-peer network

How IPSE Token Mining Works ?


Data Source Miners are the nodes that can provide data resources that must be responsible for, and then they need to upload the content to DistributionNode.


All data sources are randomly distributed through the task distribution nodes,which has to corporate with SuperNode to complete the SuperNode-PDP.It ensures the Storage Miners actually stored the data and maintains the whole DistributionSyestem.


The Storage Miner receives the task from DistributionNode, download and then upload it to IPFS, then responses and completes the PDP challenge from SuperNode to get the token reward.


SuperNodes are responsible for the creations of new blocks, and undertake the PDP verification, and also support the retrieval service by providing index data.


The RetrievalServiceNodes save the hash of file,semantic tags,and peerid of storage node, providing a more efficient access connection bootstrap seed node for the Access Client.

Access Client

The Access Client obtains the index information through the RetrievalServiceNode, acquires the data through p2p. and the client is designed to upload data easily and allow the the task distribution node will distribute the data with the distributed scheme.

Why We Need IPSE ?

As IPFS exclusive search engine to quickly search massive files

IPSE uses blockchain tecknology to build a decentralized and distributed search platform that protect privacy. In the IPSE system, data requests and transmissions are encrypted all the way, and cannot be cracked or falsified unless you actively publicize the private key.

IPSE is a hypermedia search engine. Text, images and videos can be quickly accessed. There is no advertisement,no man-in-the-middle attacks.IPSE is fast and secured.You can search anything you want without any worries.

Labeling is mining, get POST+FILECOIN easily

Label the hash address to mine and get token reward. Users can earn both POST and Filecoin.

With smart contract and consensus algorithm, IPSE has created the unique system, evaluation mechanism, arbitration mechanism andmortgage mechanism, to achieve label normalization. Malicious intent and cheating attacks will be punished.

Robust ecosyestem, Blockchain + Encryptocurrency + Customer + Miner

IPSE has a high TPS (Transactions Per Second)of blockchain 3.0 technology standard, while supporting universal wallet and blockchain browser services. Mining is open to the global world. IPSE will officially support the automatic mining of designated mining products in order to ensure the professional stability of miners' nodes,. At the same time, the participating Super-Nodes will obtain the ecological benefits of IPSE.It is good for blockchain developers,customers,miners token holders and encryptocurrency exchanges.

IPSE Scenarios & Value

Be The Network Traffic Portal For The Next-generation Internet

IPSE is based on IPFS that is the next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol. IPSE uses an open attitude to build a community autonomy and shared ecology through the encryptocurrency token model to form a network traffic portal. Break the monopoly of traditional online services provider such as Google.

Open Ecosystem That Everyone Can Participate

IPSE creates an open value network for users, and anyone can earn token rewards by sharing valuable data. No obstacles and cumbersome steps. Multi-participation to share the continuing benefits of it.

Contribute Resources And Complement IPFS

IPSE and IPFS are a symbiotic complementary relationship that motivates users to add hash tags and increase the efficiency of indexing services. Anyone can upload resources to enrich the IPFS network. In turn, when resources are abundant, it also promotes the need for more people to search on IPSE.

Peer-to-peer Streaming Service

IPSE is naturally friendly to streaming media resources and uses the token to motivate users to upload high-quality content.With peer-to-peer transmission, IPSE decreases bandwidth and storage costs.

Decentralized Advertising Market

IPSE creates a trusted, decentralized advertising marketplace with content based on smart contracts that cannot be forged or faked. Advertising distribution information is fully traceable and protects the interests of advertisers. Customers are free to choose the promotion platform.

Open App Store

IPSE will be able to provide a free distribution platform for resource bundles that can be used by any vendor, no more malicious audits.It's more efficient for resource promotion within the open app store.

Copyright Prosperity Program

IPSE's original copyright prosperity program honors the copyright rights of creators.and also provides an opportunity to invest in copyright for token holders,investors and creators to prosper the copyright market and cultivate user copyright payment habits.

Van Gogh Plan: Cryptocurrency Rights Investment

IPSE's cryptocurrency rights are scattered among the large communities. Land application is more of a physical industry. Equity governance is more appropriate.Decentralized cryptocurrency rights and equity are established through smart contracts. Helping SME financing is the original intention of Van Gogh plan.

Drucker Program: Team Incentives For Innovation

IPSE pioneered the team's internal incentive mechanism for innovation, and creates new form of team incentive with token for the younger generation, which is good for autonomy and and creativity.


Core Devs

Silver Xie

Founder and CEO of IPSE

He is an entrepreneur in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, a member of Huawei Distributed Cloud Data Center and Global Distributed Storage Development Group, he is also a cross-disciplinary expert in blockchain technology. He Started in blockchain application development in 2016, has participated in Ethereum contract development, and he has been focusing on IPFS and Filecoin since January 2018. Currently he uses Rust and Substrate to develop blockchain, providing innovative ideas and solutions for IPSE.

Zhiming Lee

Chief Architect of IPSE

Architect of Baidu Artificial Intelligence Driving Group; Expert engineer of Tencent MIG; Senior engineer of Microsoft software development engineering department, with more than 8 years of R&D experience in artificial intelligence and software engineering.He is a PHD. in Computer Scienc,National University of Singapore.

Zhe Wang

Chief Technology Officer of IPSE

University of California, Los Angeles, PHD of Computer Science and Engineering.Former Microsoft software development engineer.Former Google senior engineering manager,led a team to apply machine learning for web search.

Larry Liu

Chief Data Scientist of IPSE

Early contributors to Hadoop ecosystem at Yahoo.He invented AutoML.Has more than 15 years of experience in technology to drive innovations in distributed system. big data and AI for large IT companies and 500 fortune companies.

Early Contributor

Ender Xu

Early Contributor of IPSE

Managing partner of GSR Digital Funds. Funding chairman of Global Blockchain Investment Association (GBIA). Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA).

Brock Pierce

IPSE Strategic Advisor

World-renowned Bitcoin entrepreneur and investor, early co-founder and consultant of EOS, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, founder of Blockchain Capital, and former chairman of the Ethereum Foundation.

Khalfan AI Mazrouei

Early Contributor of IPSE

Former royal secretary of the United Arab emirates.

Kim Keun Koung

Early Contributor of IPSE

Chairman of WTIA GROUP. Senior Consultant of AI Hermas Global, Chairman of AI Hermas Korean.

Engineering Team

Andy Huang

Chief Blockchain Technical Engineer of IPSE

Former Huawei technical engineer, Has many years of technical experience, He is one of the veterans of the Internet and blockchain industry. A Leader in the technical elite group.

Tom Tang

Chief Back-End Technical Engineer of IPSE

Former Huawei technical engineer. Has many years of Back-end development experience. Once led the team to develop the underlying public blockchain. He is the key in the technical elite group.

James Cai

Chief Front-End Technical Engineer of IPSE

An outstanding Front-end Developer with rich UI /UI development experience. He is also good at mobile app and wallet development. He is talented and has the ability to lead the team on site.

Lui Dent

Operations Manager of IPSE

Has unique insights in brand design, brand promotion and content operations. Committed to brand building and construction. Great experience with independent projects.

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