EOS account registration

  1. Download and install Bitpa App

    Visit bitpie.com ,download the Bitpad App and install it on your phone. Follow the prompts and it's easy. It will ask you to set a 6-digit password for logging in the bit. (If you already have an EOS account, you can skip the registration step)

  2. Register an EOS account

    Enter the main interface of the Bitmap, 【 Wallet 】 at the top right 【 All 】, enter can have 【 Create EOS Account 】, choose to use 【 Alipay / Bank Card 】 to create.

  3. Set the EOS account name

    The EOS account name is 12 characters and can only be used: numbers 1 to 5, lowercase letters a to z cannot be capitalized ( the whole network is unique ). You can use pure English or pure numbers, or you can combine them in two. The name can only be selected from the following characters: 12345abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

    For example: the account is named qianbao12345. A total of 12 characters.

  4. Complete payment

    Alipay or bank card payment is a quick way, the current cost is generally around ¥15. Complete the payment according to the requirements, you can see your EOS account information in the bite in about a few minutes after the payment, and can also be found on eospark.com and other websites. The registration of the EOS account was successful.

    Note: EOS registration fee reason: a small amount of EOS and RAM memory need to be mortgaged when applying for a new account, corresponding to the in-memory database resources on the EOS platform. To use RAM resources, you must mortgage a certain EOS. This is where EOS differs from some of the main circulation certificates.

  5. View the EOS account private key

    After the registration is successful, you need to check the EOS account private key for importing Scatter. Bitmap Query Private Key: Click on EOS-EOS Receipt - Top Right Menu - select the pop-up "Uncompressed (WIF)" to view your private key. The private key is at the beginning of 5. Write down the EOS private key, which will be used later to import Scatter.

    For example: 5Haaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddt5f。

    Remember: The private key is the only credential for your EOS account and can be used to retrieve the public key and recover the account. Once the private key is forgotten, it means that your EOS account assets will not be retrieved. Please use the pen to record the private key accurately and do not disclose it to others.

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